Cum on my Face 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Private) Full Pack / 7 Films [2005-2006 гг., Cumshots, Cumshot on Face, Blowjobs, POV, 2xDVD5+5xDVD9]

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Cum on my Face 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Оригинальное название: Cum on my Face 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Года выхода: 2005-2006
Жанр: Cumshots, Anal, Cumshot on Face, Blowjobs, Cumshot on Chest
Frank Thring, Alessandro del Mar, Jalif, Antonio Adamo, David Perry, Gazzman, JF Romagnolі
Выпущено: Private
01:30:11; 01:38:26; 01:30:45; 01:30:21; 01:10:14; 01:25:23; 01:35:34-
Brought to you by a selection of some of Private’s leading directors, we are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new series called Cum On My Face.
In part 1:
With a staggering sixteen scenes of creamy facial cumshots, each one is a brand new blowjob shot exclusively for this title and never previously released. In over 90 minutes of facial fun a string of slavering sluts including Delfínn Delage, Gina Pearl, Cristal, Lisa Honey, Suzy Carina, Reka, Melissa Black, Sylvie Taylor, Barbara Voice, Jana, Sara, Lora Kroft, Yesika, Claudia, Kira Valentine and Thalia lick their lips in delight as their horn blowing hi-jinx reach a creamy crescendo and they receive their well earned reward. Oral enthusiasts will delight in Private’s new series as the staggering number of scenes turn into a non-stop barrage of blowjobs that are guaranteed to satisfy as you sit back and let these gorgeous girls perform their oral magic.
In part 2:
15 more incredible succion scenes. The way this series is filmed its like each girl is actually sucking you dry! Starring Mya Diamond, Nikky Blond, Victoria Swinger and 14 other cum hungry babes!
In part 3:
Its raining cum! Hallelujah! Thats what our dirty cum eating babes have to say! See their pretty faces get splattered with their reward of protein rich cum, after theyve sucked enough cock that is…
In part 4:
A staggering fifteen scenes of creamy facial cumshots, each scene is a brand new blowjob shot exclusively for this title and never previously released. Featuring 17 slavering sluts who are starving for cock!
In part 5:
See these hungry chicks beg to have fresh splodges of sperm spalttered across their faces. See them scoop it up in their fingers and push it into their hot mouths. And these girls are so kind that theyll share their hard earned jizz with their girlfriends!
In part 6:
Take your cock in your hand, aim, position and FIRE those jets of cum all over these hungry ladies faces. These beautiful babes will suck your balls dry in this best selling bukkake series!
In part 7:
These girls live to suck on throbbing cock. See them guzzle down that man meat and tease it with their tongues, lips & teeth. Filmed as though each one of these beuties was suckign you off!-Формат: DVD5 & DVD9
Видео: Mpeg-2 Video, 720x576, PAL, ~8000 Kbps vbr
Аудио: English: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg
Субтитры: no-В ролях:
Cum on my Face
Female Cast: Reka, Delfynn Delage, Barbara Voice, Suzie Carina, Sylvi, Melissa Black, Gina Pearl, Jana, Sara, Yessy, Claudia, Kira Valentine, Thalia, Liz Honey
Male Cast: Kevin Long, Frank Thring, George Uhl, Richard, Thomas Stone, Lucas Foz, Jozsef, Franky, Ricardo Bell, Jon Axe, Super Mario, Paco Roca, Juan
Cum on my Face 02
Female Cast: Nikky Blond, Suzanna, Kathy Anderson, Simony Diamond, Victoria Swinger, Mya Diamond, Susane Brend, Sara, Nikky Rider, Stella Morandy, Liz Honey, Angie Hard, Mona, Yasmine Gold, Judith Blond, Kitty Sixx
Male Cast: Frank Major, Janos Volt, Roly Reeves, David Perry, Juan, Dominic, Sziszi, Szergej
Cum on my Face 03
Female Cast: Sarah Blue, Anastasia Christ, Bobbi Eden, Sylvi, Vanessa Hill, Thalia, Tanya, Liliana Ferri, Katarina, Angel Wild, Nicole, Nicole Desire, Belicia, Sheridan, Mercedes
Male Cast: Bruno Sx, Thomas Stone, Gyik, Micky, Csabi, Tony Brooklyn, Rudy Strong, Franta, Joe Cube, Leslie Brown, Alex
Cum on my Face 04
Female Cast: Anastasia Christ, Conny Ferrara, Claudia Ferrari, Susane Brend, Nikky Rider, Katarina, Nicole, Angie Hard, Katy Caro, Anita, Victoria Slim, Clea, Nicole, Timea, Viktoria, Barbi, Jessica
Male Cast: Bruno Sx, Tamas T., David Perry, Csabi, Jozsef, Nicola, Franta, Joe Cube, Leslie Mann, Leslie Brown, Sziszi, XXXL, Clark
Cum on my Face 05
Female Cast: Ju Pantera, Lorrayne, Coreena, Lara Stevens, Mandy Bright, Alicia Rhodes, Melissa Black, Angel Fallen, Priva, Sandy Rio, Babalu, Rubi, Hennia, Joice, Lorena, Mel, Lorena
Male Cast: Bruno Sx, Philippe Dean, Franco Roccaforte, Oliver Sanchez, Kid Jamaica, Dhones Portella, Wesley, Vinny
Cum on my Face 06
Female Cast: Saana, Maria Bellucci, Lara Stevens, Lolita, Anastasia Christ, Silvia Lancome, Simony Diamond, Claudia Rossi, Yessy, Cory Everson, Sue, Poppy Morgan, Alejandra, Aphrodithe, Simonne Style, Victoria Slim
Male Cast: Bruno Sx, Leslie Taylor, Tony de Sergio, Toni Ribas, Antonio Ross, Roly Reeves, Chuck Loads, Brian, Jon Axe, Paco Roca, Nacho, Clark
Cum on my Face 07
Female Cast: Mia Black, Simone Shine, Jennifer Stone, Tera Bond, Claudia Rossi, Liliane Tiger, Lucy Love, Tanya, Cory Everson, Saffy, Angie Hard, Alyson Ray, Misty Mild, Sarah James
Male Cast: Antonio Ross, Richard, Sunny Green, Marco Duato, Jon Axe, Shane, Totti-


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