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Alison Tyler - Is Massaged and Fuck

Имя актрисы: Alison Tyler
Название ролика: Is Massaged and Fuck
Подсайт и сайт: Mylf.comXJamesDeen.com

Дата производства: 2020 г.
Жанр: All Sex, 69, Ass Licking, Bare Foot, Big Ass, Blouse, Blow job, Boy / Girl, Bra, Camel Toe, Clit Piercings, Cum In Mouth, Cum On Tits, Curvy, Doggystyle, Fake Tits
Продолжительность: 00:30:12
Описание: She’s the kind of girl who gets easily bored. She must be entertained at all times. Alone time for her is a dangerously erotic time. Seriously, she’s always on the lookout for reasons to masturbate. Her back has been killing her lately and she decided to go to a massage place to try and relieve some of the discomforts she has been feeling. The problem is that she’s been waiting for a while now and it seems that they’ve forgotten she’s there. She is so bored. Finally, the masseuse came and he is fucking hot. She got a little bit wet by just staring at him and his muscled body. He must be feeling the same since he looked at her with such hungry eyes. It only took one look and soon, she was stripping off her clothes and dropping them on the floor, while his eyes sparkled with mischief. His cock started to harden as he gazed upon her voluptuous body. His hands went straight to her crotch, rubbing her clit and massaging it. His finger drove her wild and she rubbed her body against his, feeling his erection brush against ass. He pushed aside her underwear and slip a finger up her cunt. She was already wet. His tongue darted between her soft flesh and she moaned in ecstasy. She heard a rustle of fabric - finally! He drops his pants and his cock sprang free, hard and dripping with pre-cum. She spread her ass cheeks, bidding his cock a warm welcome. He pounded her cunt, hard and she couldn’t help but moan, not caring who might hear her.. Her breast bounced and jiggled as he thrust into her. His hands made squeezed and rubbed her nipples, making her tiny buds erect and pleasurably painful. He pulled out and she dropped to her knees. His throbbing dick, proudly swaying in front of her face. He sucked in a breath as her mouth came down on him. She enveloped him, her lips and tongue laved him, wet and soft, suckling. He shifted under her mouth as her hands swept up to his sides, down his muscular thighs to grip him low and play with his balls with tender fingers. She slipped a finger and thumb around him, gripping to steady him, keep her teeth safely at bay She rewarded him by grasping him and lifted her mouth with a sucking pull off him to go lower, kissing him down the bottom of his shaft, lower and lower...and lower. Her tongue slipped up and down, from his hard, velvety shaft, tasting every inch of his sensitive skin. Dragging her tongue hard and wet along his cock, she kissed his tip, teasing. She came back down around him, capturing him with eager lips. He twitched against her mouth, as she dipped lower, taking more of him. He guided her down to the bed, where he let his hands massaged her entire body. He shamelessly squeezed and pinch anywhere he pleased. The oil and sweat made her body shine, a thing that drove him wild in his crotch. He lapped at her, exploring her folds, drawing shapes and circles and letters and she couldn’t help but buck against him. His tongue traveled up to circle her clit. She gasped and moaned in pleasure, but the next moment his lips had traveled back down to her opening and his tongue was slipping inside her. She jerked against him; his hands moved down to push lightly against her thighs, spreading her even wider. His tongue circled her clit again, and his lips followed, sucking at her gently. She could feel that delicious pleasure building and building. He dipped his tongue inside her over and over. She cried out wordlessly as she tipped over the edge, feeling that heat spreading throughout her. He worked her through it until the last wave of her orgasm faded. She found herself on her knees again, pleasing him with his mouth. She can feel it - he is close to climaxing. She worshipped his cock, licked his length from base to tip, earning moan and lusty sighs. Her hand and mouth worked in tandem. Soon, he is squirting all over her face, his cum dripped from her lips into her breasts and she couldn’t help but smirk at the depravity of it all. Truly, there is no better way to relax than to have her pussy massaged with a long hard cock.
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 848x480 29.970fps 1800kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 96kbps


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