[TheLifeErotic.com / MetArt.com] 2020-09-16 Lil Karla - Pain Then Pleasure 1 [Solo, Posing, Barefoot, Bedroom, Blonde, Indoors, Masturbation] [107 фото, 3456x4608px]

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Lil Karla - Pain Then Pleasure 1

Description: Kinky Lil Karla stands naked by her window, nervous yet excited to explore the idea that a little pain can intensify her sexual pleasure. The thought came to her naturally, as one hand teased her juiced-up slit while the other pinched and tugged her erect nipples. It felt like her small, perfect breasts were connected directly to her clit – and the further she turned the dial, the harder she came.
The petite blonde lies back on pristine white sheets then begins to attach wooden clothespins to her beautiful naked body. The first two are clamped to her nipples – the springs are tight and she gasps at their powerful grip. However, she perseveres, pinching the taut skin on her flat belly, and the sexy curve where thigh meets hip, adding more pins as she works her way down.
A pause, then she clips one on a freshly shaved pussy lip. For a moment, she feels like this may be a little too much, but, as she places another next to it, she flicks and twists one of her nipple pins, one flash of pain distracting from the other. She uses the same tactic for the next two, then forces herself to feel the full bite of the final pin.
For a short while she caresses herself, hands gliding over her slim curves to cup her globes, fingertips slipping deftly between the wooden spikes to tantalize her clit. Again she pauses; conscious that her trapped flesh is now numbed, she takes a deep breath, squeezes a nipple pin and yanks it away. Sensation floods back in, shocking her system so intensely she cries out.
As she pulls the remaining pins free, every nerve seems to throb, sting and pulse. Then she thrusts her fingers into her wet snatch and her inner walls snap tight. What happens next seems like a blur, a frenzy, as Lil Karla pounds herself to ecstasy on her back and knees, all fours… Her orgasm seems to grip her entire body, then dies away to leave her in a state of pure bliss, fingers still sunk deep inside of her creaming pussy…
Имя модели: Lil Karla
Название студии: TheLifeErotic.com
Дата выпуска: 2020.09.16
Жанр: Solo, Posing, Barefoot, Bedroom, Blonde, Indoors, Masturbation
Количество фото: 107
Разрешение: 3456x4608
Торрент: Зарегистрирован [ 2020-09-16 11:31 ]

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